Random notes while tracking SF-LLLs


So I’ve been going through FedBizOpps, looking for solicitation notices that specifically mention the elusive lobbying disclosure SF-LLL, and coming across some interesting bits of federal business. This solicitation from the State Department, for example, suggests why Anu has yet to receive any correspondence logs from the agency:

The Freedom of Information Document Management System (FREEDOMS) serves as the lynchpin for the [State] Department’s Information Access Program. As such, it tracks and manages the workload of all requests made under any of the information access laws or executive orders mentioned above. FREEDOMS was originally purpose built and implemented in 1995 and is at the end of its lifecycle and is expected to fail to function in the near future.

USAID, meanwhile, is looking to hire an Internal Displacement and Protection (IDP) Advisor to offer expertise on Sudan and Darfur. Here’s one fo the job requirements:

The advisor must be able to recognize problem issues, formulate programming priorities and be able to work under tight deadlines to produce analytical products as well as keep the policy-makers informed of issues and developments. This requires applying a rigorous analytical approach to data that is often vague, unsubstantiated or contradictory.

That actually sounds like a good description of a lot of intelligence work, but given the quality of the data coming in, no matter how rigorous the analysis is, how frequently is it getting things right?

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is taking bids to outsource its responsibilities under the Freedom of Information Act:

The scope of the project includes the following objectives: input disclosure request data; retrieve corresponding administrative files for requests; determine if requester is entitled to disclosure; establish, operate, and manage Request Service Center; capture requested materials from administrative files; redact confidential or privileged information as required; submit response, administrative and control files for Government quality assurance review and signature; respond to written and oral inquiries from the Commission regarding FOIA and Section 83 disclosure response status; process FOIA and Section 83 fees; mail or transmit response letters and copies of disclosed materials to requesters; and return administrative files to the appropriate location. The Service Provider (SP) shall provide all personnel, equipment, tools, materials, supervision, and other items and services necessary to perform the work and provide support as defined in this Performance Work Statement (PWS) except as specified in Section 8.0, Government Furnished Information and Property.

I wonder how many agencies outsource all or part of the work they’re required to do to comply with requests made under the Freedom of Information Act…