Launches Presidential Fundraising Widget


Insanely Useful Site is launching an awesome new widget for anyone to put on their blog or Web site. The presidential fundraising widget allows anyone to track fundraising by the presidential contenders while customizing the information to their own personal preference. MAPLight also announced that they are making FEC information available in an API and will soon be launching a widget on “Money and Votes”. For now let’s look at the presidential fundraising widget. I customized my widget with only long shot candidates like Mike Gravel and Ron Paul (you can make your widget at The widget also allows you to play around with it and make the colors match your site and pick out candidates who are raising a lot more money. Here’s one with the front-runners, not aligned by party and I gave it a Sunlight Foundation feel: Just slap this widget on your site and start tracking the money race to the White House. The “Money and Votes” widget, which will track the correlation between campaign contributions and votes on bills in Congress, should be available on September 30th.