Your Late Night Reading: CRS reports Courtesy of


Poor John. He can’t quite get over his late night work habits. (Before he came to Sunlight to direct our Open House Project he worked a day job and indulged his fascination with politics between the hours of 10 PM and 4 AM).

Last night at 2 AM he sent this email:

I just finished reading the latest CRS report from August 26th on Congress and the Internet, linked in the latest Open House Project report, and was delighted to find that Sunlight and the Open House Project are specifically cited by Walter Oleszek (senior government analyst for CRS) for our work in promoting citizen access.

That it was Oleszek’s report was particularly satisfying for me, since reading several of his introductory books on Congress (Congressional Procedures and the Policy Process, and Congress and Its Members) is what got me quasi proficient enough to get started.

John has some more extensive thoughts this morning.

Too funny things. We wouldn’t have known of this report if it hadn’t appeared on (a Sunlight grantee.) And it was Oleszek’s early books that educated me too. (Makes you wonder how many other people learned what they know about Congress from him too!)