Networked Journalism Summit


I’d like to give a shout-out to Jeff Jarvis, who announced the first Networked Journalism Summit to be held on October 10 in New York. The Summit will take place at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism and is funded by the MacArthur Foundation. Networked Journalism is really one of the most exciting new developments in journalism, a way of professionals and amateurs working together to get the real story, all uniquely possible because of the Internet.

Unfortunately, I can’t make it. But Sunlight will be well represented by Bill Allison.

Jeff is saying that it will be a day about action: "new projects, new partnerships, new experiments." Based on Jeff’s description, the event sounds like a real participatory affair — I wouldn’t expect anything less.’s David Cohn collaborated with Jeff to organize the summit. They’ve pulled in an impressive list of participants.

It’s all so exciting…and we’ve just scratched the surface of this new style of journalism’s potential.