Congress, We ARE Watching

by is announcing a new widget today called: "Congress, I’m Watching." It’s a new tool that lets bloggers, activists, organizations and citizens share a concise summary of any bills in Congress that they are following. We are really excited about this one:

All too often, political blogs and membership groups don’t have a good online resource to connect the issues they’re discussing to actual bills in Congress. With the new "Congress, I’m Watching" widget, organizations have a timely way of tracking the status of bills and issues that they care about in Congress on their own home pages and online communities of all kinds can encourage collective oversight for what Congress is doing. Political blogs that are tracking specific issues can also use the widget to follow legislation that’s near and dear to their heart.

Like all our widgets, it’s free to use, customizable, and only takes a minute to put on your website. For an example of how it looks, please see’s sample.