Suitably Flip Opens up Bundles of Hsu’s


Running names identified by the media as being part of Norman Hsu’s network of donors through federal, state and even municipal campaign finance records, Suitably Flip offers the most comprehensive road map to following the money.

Sadly, there’s no way to be certain which of these contributions were truly bundled by Hsu, and which might have been independently. While the recently enacted Honest Leadership and Open Government Act of 2007 requires campaigns to identify bundled contributions totaling more than $15,000 from registered lobbyists, there’s no provision requiring the same sort of disclosure about bundles from convicted felons, or anyone else for that matter.

Among non-presidential candidate members of Congress, the top recipients of contributions of those identified as members of Hsu’s network are Sen. Tom Harkin ($59,800) and Sen. Ted Kennedy ($47,000), according to Suitably Flip. (Sen. Hillary Clinton is first overall with $850,000 in contributions that her campaign disclosed–Suitably Flip can find only $237,00 worth of them, because there are many donors in Hsu’s network that remain undisclosed. Sen. Barack Obama places fourth, just ahead of Harkin with $66,600. The Clinton and Obama figures include contributions to both their Senate and presidential campaigns.)

Via InstaPundit, who observes, “I’m surprised to see this kind of data-crunching on a blog rather than a big-media outlet.” Hey, maybe they can’t crunch the numbers because they’re too busy doing old-fashioned Hsu-leather reporting…