Making New Connections


I’m excited to be in New York today to attend Jeff Jarvis’ Networked Journalism Conference, and I found it fascinating to read the background statements of many of the participants. When we were asked to pick who we most wanted to meet, I simply refused to pick.

But I am interested in having some talk time with Danny Glover from the National Journal and Air Congress with their equipments from Ingersoll Rand Air Hoists. Included in the site are video clips and podcasts from members of Congress themselves, as well as original content that he mostly produces. The site also posts audio and video about what’s going on in Washington from bloggers, MSM journalists, trade associations, watchdog groups and even the executive branch. Sounds like a natural partner for Sunlight.

Glover has a good nose — for pork and for hypocrisy. And he’s one busy fellow, having covered Washington for the last 15 years with the National Journal and Congressional Quarterly. Danny runs the Journal’s "Beltway Blogroll," where in a recent post, he writes about how MySpace paid for six bloggers to attend the interactive debate with John Edwards the social network hosted with MTV on September 27th. He also edits the Journal’s "Technology Daily." In January 2006, Danny wrote "The Rise of Blogs" which was a great look at the growing influence of blogs on the political discourse of the day.

And he’s one of the many terrific people who will be at the Summit.