Grants for citizen muckrakers


We’re announcing the availability of “mini-grants” of $1,000 to $5,000 to fund original ideas, tools, Web sites, and blogs that create a better, more dynamic relationship between members of Congress and the citizens they represent. See here for the full press release.

We encourage grant applications from local or regional nonprofit organizations and Web sites, from offshoots of national groups, from individuals and from informal groups of citizens.

Maybe you have a project or blog that can’t reach its maximum audience because you need a server upgrade, or you’re a political blogger who needs expensive polling data. Perhaps you’re creating a wiki to get the public involved in designing idea policy. If so, and your project’s goal is to help make Congress more open and transparent, then don’t delay and submit your proposal on our site.

We’ll be looking for creative projects that fit our mission and have a likelihood of success and replication by others. As a rule, Sunlight does not award grants for salaries or general overhead expenses, but does for technology upgrades. Grants are available to augment existing projects or to jumpstart new ones.

Applications are due January 1, 2008. We’re always impressed by the practical innovations proposed by our grant seekers, and can’t wait to see your new ideas to make a more open and transparent Congress.