This is Not Transparency


At first I thought this was a joke, but it’s not. From the Keystone State we hear that Pennsylvanian officials have decided not to publish the locations of its polling places. What?

The spokesperson for the Pennsylvania Department of State said that they made the decision after considering the bombings in Spain days before the 2004 national elections. (Did anyone tell the folks up in Pennsylvania that the bombings in Spain were of trains, not polling places? Wouldn’t it be more logical to beef up security around train stations and rail lines rather than hide the location of polling places?)

Besides running afoul of the state’s open records law and making coordinated statewide voter-mobilization strategies more difficult, Pennsylvania’s action will make it that much more difficult for citizens to vote. America has enough trouble with its elections without playing hide and seek with the voters. This is beyond ridiculous.

Hat tip: AllisonUpdate