A Lesson in How to Use EarmarkWatch.org


The NYT ran a really good story on earmarks yesterday, using data from Taxpayers from Common Sense, the same data that’s on EarmarkWatch.org.

Bloggers commenting on the NYT story are showing how they are using EarmarkWatch.org to investigate earmarks further.

For instance, blogger Susan Ohanian writes how she tracked Speaker Pelosi’s earmarks, since she wasn’t satisfied with the level of detail the Times presented in its article.

House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, requested $32 million in earmarks. Since the Times did not see fit to reveal details, I went to Earmark Watch, where one can search who requested what.

Nancy Pelosi has requested a $200,000 earmark for Envision School, a charter school co-founded by a Bank of America vice president and a Teacher. They are funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, among others. But Pelosi figures they need more money.

Pelosi has also requested an earmark of $100,000 for KIPP Foundation, San Francisco, CA for "curriculum development and the recruitment and professional development of school leaders, teachers, and administrators."

And more.

You can find out what pork other members of Congress are requesting by going to Earmark Watch. FYI, all mentions of EarmarkWatch.org can be found here.