Local Sunlight


This week I have highlights from Iowa, Michigan, Hawaii, South Dakota, and Texas.

Blog for Iowa, reports that the Iowan House of Representatives has a WordPress Blog! You can use it to get updates on what is going on in the Iowan house. The blog features audio from the House Chamber, calendar of events, and will also use content from YouTube and Facebook.

In Michigan, Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood has a great post investigating a few earmarks. The post talks about why a particular earmark is necessary and whether Rep. Rogers is playing both sides of the fence by being against certain earmarks but asking for some as well.

Hawaii Blog reports that the Hawaii State Legislature is looking for a full time year round blogger. The position comes with full benefits! Today’s your last day to apply!

In South Dakota, S.D. Watch reports a little transparency reversal. Apparently the State of South Dakota is suing a judge because he will not disclose information about a meeting with defense attorneys.

In Texas, Big Houston talks about how the city of Houston is posting health inspection information online but isn’t posting all of them until some public pressure made them change their minds. So everyone visit Houston and avoid places that have health violations. I wonder if other cities do this.

Shine on Sunlighters Shine on!