Finish Finding Out Who’s Gone from Congress to K Street


Wow, that was fast. In less than a day, 21 citizen researchers completed the first part of the Where Are They Now?" distributed research project. They investigated 268 congressional staff members whose bosses resigned, retired or were voted out of office in 2006, and found 48 who have potentially gone through the revolving door to work for K Street. Thank you to all who participated–including the 30 researchers who signed up but didn’t get a chance to participate in the first part, but remember: There’s still more to be done.

So far, only one of these potential revolvers has been verified. Here’s your chance to do some old fashioned, person-to-person reporting: Call up a lobbying firm and verify that we have indeed identified a former congressional insider who’s moved on to K Street. We give you a really simple script, and an easy way to record your efforts. Just click here to get started.