Sunlight for Senate Campaign Contributions


For the past year, the Sunlight Foundation has worked to get a bill passed that would require Senators to file their campaign finance contribution reports electronically, allowing that information to be more readily available before elections than it is now. Passage of the bill has been blocked by Republicans, specifically Sen. John Ensign, for this same amount of time. We aren’t going to give up on our fight to get S. 223 passed and intend to keep the pressure on this year. To kick things off we’ve made this video to explain the issue and keep the attention on Sen. Ensign and his unreasonable hold on the bipartisan bill:

Now that you’ve watched the video you can follow the instructions and call Sen. Ensign’s office and tell him to drop his objection to the bill. Here’s his number: 202-224-6244.

If you happen to live in Nevada and want to show your opposition to Ensign’s objection to the bill in person, Common Cause is planning on holding a press conference at Ensign’s Reno office on Monday. For more information contact us through this contact form:

Senator Ensign has no other motive in this other than to block passage of S. 223. He does not want citizens to have timely access to campaign contributor information. This kind of attitude cannot be allowed in Washington anymore.