Get Offline Tonight


Instead of spending another Friday night surfing the Web for your news, here’s some television you should watch tonight. Bill Moyers Journal will give you the best arguments you’ll ever need to explain why it’s so important for our government to do its work in the open. They have prepared an extensive report on government waste and abuse of power.

Specifically Moyers is going to look at some of the unsolved mysteries under investigation by Congress’s Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, chaired by Rep. Henry Waxman. The program profiles the Committee’s work, including its investigations of the mercenary army of Blackwater; Lurita Doan, who remains head of the GSA despite allegations of questionable no-bid contracts; and Condoleezza Rice’s State Department, which is plagued by fraud and abuse. Waxman’s Committee’s Web site is a treasure trove of information and documents on these issues. (In fact, Sunlight regards it as a model site itself when it comes to revealing the details of the work of a committee of Congress.)

And we’re pleased that their Web page will highlight many of Sunlight’s insanely useful Web sites for people are seeking more information.