Joint Committee on Taxation: Modest Improvements to Web site


Dana Chasin, senior advisor at OMB Watch, has posted at the watchdog groups’ Budget Blog a two-part profile of the new website of the non-partisan House-Senate Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT).  Dana writes that it’s "mostly a look-and-feel improvement" with little new content, however, you no longer "feel as though you’re entering a 19century crypt when you log into it."  

The 10-member committee, established by Congress in 1926, investigates, reviews and issues reports on federal tax policy. He lauds the JCT for bringing the mysterious methodologies of revenues estimates into clearer view," even though they add that it’s only a start.  Which legislation the JCT chooses to provide estimates for and the timeframe involved deserve a more thorough explanation.  "This process is opaque even to members of the Senate," Dana writes, and "the discreet Delphic charm of the JCT remains fundamentally intact."