It’s All Starting to Come Together


Dan Newman, of MAPLight (and Sunlight grantee) writes to say:

We just added links to OpenCongress from every bill on MAPLight. It’s part of our new "In the News" tab. For example click here.The link to the same bill on OpenCongress is just above the "Date" column on the right-hand side.

We also created a simple URL structure to make it easy for OpenCongress and others to link to specific bills on MAPLight. (Inbound links like this now work.

We’re also in the process of integrating Congresspedia entries into MAPLight’s legislator pages, pending some changes on the Congresspedia side to make this technically workable.

 And David Moore, of OpenCongress responds saying:

 We’re happily in the midst of adding reciprocal links on our bill pages. Shouldn’t be long.

This is great stuff. Check it the interconnections between these two sites.