Local Sunlight


This week I have highlights from New York, Mississippi, Kentucky, Oregon, and Missouri.

In New York, The Fighting 29th, highlights a great local news story about trying to find information about Rep. Kuhl’s trip to Brazil. The story details the ridiculous steps the reporter had to go through to get basic information about the trip and how the procedure for trip disclosure is incredibly difficult to track.  This is why OpenSecrets.org’s travel database is so essential to find this information.

In Mississippi, Cotton Mouth highlights that on Monday the Mississippi Senate was broadcasted live over the internet for the first time ever.

In Missouri, the Turner Report announced its hall of shame which features the ten Missouri senators who received over $1,000 worth of gifts from lobbyists last year.

Oregon’s Open Government News and Issues blog highlights a CRS Report that covers Congressional Salaries and Allowances and also asks if Oregon lawmakers have an equivalent. It’s great to see CRS reports highlighted when they are available to the public.  OpenCrs.com is a great resource to find more CRS reports that can give people more information that they should know.

Kentucky’s the Rural Democrat reports that Gov Steve Beshear’s ethics reform bill has been passed the Kentucky House of Representatives. The bill includes more whistle-blower protection and changes to giving personal gifts to public servants. The bill also would be prohibit state employees from seeking employment from individuals that the state workers were directly involved with on the job.