Millennials Remaking Democracy


Fascinating piece from millennial makeover entitled Millennials Are About to Give America an Extreme Political Makeover.

Right here in Hollywood, a dedicated group of over one hundred Millennials, gathered by, met the weekend before New Year’s Day to finalize their own Declaration of Independence, entitled "Democracy 2.0." Citing a need to "upgrade" our nation’s system of governance, the gathering identified the challenges that previous generations had failed to resolve, especially "economic inequality, America’s role in the world, and the effect of money on the democratic process." But then, instead of condemning those in power for the nation’s problems and walking away as Gen Xers might have done, or attempting to tear down the political system as some Boomers did, they asserted the need for their generation to fix each of those concerns. Their manifesto declared, "Our generation…is uniquely positioned to foster community engagement through social networks… It is our responsibility to use information and technology to upgrade democracy, transform communication, and advance political engagement and civic participation."

Thanks Micah for passing it along.