What Would Huey Long Think?


Huey Long must be rolling over in his grave.

Legal Times’ Influence blog reports on how new Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is pushing the state to adopt "a gold standard" in ethics laws. Jindal called the legislature into special session, saying there is nothing more important for Louisiana at this time than ethics reform. In an editorial he wrote that appeared in the Shreveport (La.) Times Jindal outline his proposal that includes political candidate ethics training, monthly lobbying disclosure, making the failure to register as a lobbyist a criminal offense, earmark disclosure, and ending the practice of legislators bidding on state contracts. Jindal said that he wants to "ensure that the rest of the world knows that corruption will no longer find a home here." No surprise that resistance exists within the legislature where some bristle at his proposals.

Jindal is no liberal. As a member of Congress, he was a member of the conservative Republican Study Committee and in 2006 voted with the Republican Caucus 97 percent of the time. Just last week, Rush Limbaugh described Jindal as "the next Ronald Reagan."

It just goes to show that ethics, openness and good government are not just a liberal or progressive value. Transparency in government is fast becoming the North Star that guides all public servants, no matter their ideology.

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