Bonner Earmark #5


Rep. Jo Bonner earmarked $245,000 in the Transportation, Housing & Urban Development appropriations bill to the “City of Jackson for construction of a building in conjunction with a 240-acre industrial development park.”

I came up empty looking for this one — the City of Jackson employed the Bloom Group (already encountered in this post), but doesn’t seem to have hired a lobbyist since then. I wasn’t able to find out much about the industrial development park, but through the magic of Nexis found a December 18, 2007 article from the Birmingham (Alabama) News by Mary Orndorff, which noted,

The bill also includes $250,000 Bonner requested for a building at an industrial development park in Jackson for a company that the community is recruiting, but his office declined to identify the prospect.

Be nice to see who the company was, but if they were being wooed to come to Jackson, Ala., they might have been the ones being lobbied rather than them doing any lobbying…