Over at the SuperDelegate Transparency Project . . .


The issue of SuperDelegates is really heating up. The group of citizen journalists, bloggers and activists convened over at the SuperDelegate Transparency Project (hosted by Congresspedia) have produced the only reporting on SuperDelegate commitments in the race for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination that is fully broken down by delegate, by state,congressional district and has full and transparent sourcing. No major news organization provides such detail or provides their sources.

The SuperDelegate Transparency Project is the only citizen-driven, grassroots effort bringing transparency to the SuperDelegate process. While major news organizations and political Web sites provide unsourced and conflicting delegate and SuperDelegate counts, STP has consistently provided delegate-by-delegate breakdowns of endorsements, all with fully transparent sourcing. The project, whichcounts more than 400 volunteers, is dedicated to bringing greater transparency to the Democratic nomination process.

Check it out and add what you know.