OMB Watch Launches Regulatory Resource Center


Yesterday, OMB Watch, a Sunlight Foundation grantee, launched its Web-based Regulatory Resource Center, which they built to provide guidance for citizens wanting to get involved in the federal government’s regulatory decision making.  It promises to be a valuable resource, serving as the place to go to understand how regulations work.  The center has two parts: Advocacy Center and the Policy Library.  The Advocacy Center shows users how to comment on regulations and how to use, the government’s site that allows public comments.  The center also has a page that helps users find, read and interpret the Federal Register.  The Policy Library has a flow chart showing how regulations come about, a list of regulatory agencies explaining what each one does, and other neat tools.

Congratulations to our friends at OMB Watch. They continue to thrive at the cutting edge of government transparency and accountability.  Check it out!