Fast Start for Soft Money Groups in 2008 Election


Forgive me, but I couldn’t help but be startled by the above headline of the latest analysis by the Campaign Finance Institute. I mean, the much lauded campaign finance reform effort of a few years ago – the so-called McCain- Feingold bill was supposed to have banned soft money. In fact all the campaign finance reform groups — I don’t think there was a single exception — made a devil’s bargain. In order to get that much praised ban on soft money, the reform groups agreed to double the limits that individuals could give to campaigns. (Someone has yet to explain to me how allowing the less than one-tenth of one percent who give big money to give even more money was a reform.) McCain still carries the mantel of "reformer" because of his championing the legislation

This was a no brainer to predict even then: soft money is back in a big way.

What to do now? See this.