Tidbits from trainings


Lately I’ve been doing a lot of traveling, training reporters on using some of the campaign finance resources that Sunlight supports, and doing a lot of research in the process. I’ve come across some interesting stuff along the way, including this General Dynamics statement on their political contributions:

General Dynamics participates in the U.S. political process when it is in the best interests of its shareholders, businesses and employees to do so. Participation in this process ensures that the company’s interests as a leading member of the defense and aerospace industries, as well as a large employer, are well represented.

The company makes contributions on a limited basis to 501(c)(4) organizations as well as to state and local candidates, where permissible and in accordance with all laws and regulations. On occasion, the company provides funding for organizations that function under Section 527 of the Internal Revenue Code.

The whole thing makes interesting reading. Here’s the Center for Responsive Politics’ profile of the company’s PAC and individual donor contributions. No information is available on the 501(c)4 contributions ($103,600 in 2006), because those groups don’t have to disclose their donors. You can find General Dynamics’ 527 contributions by clicking here, choose contributor name from the right hand column, click “next step,” then type “General Dynamics” into the search box.