Disclosure Responsibliity on Government in IG Reform


I’d like to elaborate on an important point about the IG reform measure that just passed the Senate.

The measure includes a requirement that the Inspectors General post their reports on their Web sites. This requirement places the responsibility of disclosure on the agencies themselves, rather than on citizens looking form information. The wording of the mandate takes the language of the Freedom of Information Act, which puts the onus on citizens to request information, and uses it to set a standard of full disclosure of IG reports.

That the government should take responsibility for openness, or make disclosure the rule rather than the exception, is one of Ellen’s spotlight ideas; a completely open government would render FOIA unnecessary.

We’re happy to see such a specific requirement pass the Senate in the spirit of full digital access.

The Inspector General of each agency shall…that is subject to release under…the Freedom of Information Act…post that report or audit (or portion of that report or audit) on the website of the Office of the Inspector General;

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