Publius Project@Berkman


In conjunction with the Berkman@10 Conference (where I just returned from spending a fascinating two days), the Berkman Team has launched their Publius Project. (The name is borrowed the writers of the Federalist Papers. ) The goal is for it to be a platform for lively discussions on the governance and rulemaking of the Internet, and they have solicited a number of thoughtful Internet gurus to submit short yet provocative essays on the subject.

They have posted op-ed style essays by Pierre de Vries, Esther Dyson, Dan Gillmor, Reed Hundt, David Johnson, J.P. Rangaswami, Doc Searls, Wendy Seltzer, Clay Shirky, David Weinberger, Kevin Werbach, and Jonathan Zittrain so far. They asked me to submit a piece as well, and I am so honored to join this discussion with such a collection of Net luminaries. You can access my submission here.