Local Sunlight


This week I have highlights from Maryland, Missouri, Nevada, and Oklahoma.

In Maryland, Brian Griffiths asks for some sunlight from the Anne Arundel School Board Nominating Commission. The Commission had a meeting for nominating candidates for the school board election. However, they did not let the public in to evaluate the nominees or let citizens find out why they chose these individuals.

The Turner Report and Missouri Politics have stories about the Missouri state government lifting campaign donation limits. That’s right the Missouri State Legislature approved a bill that would eliminate campaign donation limits.

Blue Sage Views, in Nevada, has a great post on information state employees post on the internet for the public to see. It is interesting to see what kind of state government information is available.

GetRightOK, in Oklahoma, highlights Sen. Coburn released an oversight report about state agency spending. The report Coburn’s office released on Monday is about U.S. Department of Agriculture expenditure’s on conferences.