Local Sunlight


This week I have highlights from Alabama, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Oregon.

In Alabama, Red State Diaries has a great post summarizing what the Alabama legislature did in the last few months.

In Kentucky, KYKurmudgeon has highlighted Gov. Beshear’s new executive orders that would enact stricter ethics laws on his administration.

MediaMouse.org in Michigan has a great post listing the western Michigan companies that received military contracts with information on how much the contracts are and from what army branch.

In Pennsylvania, Keystone Politics has a post on how state legislators are not reporting all the gifts they receive from lobbyists. The state’s new disclosure laws require lobbyists to report what gifts they have given lawmakers however some elected officials have not reported those gifts in their filings.

In Oregon, Open Government News and Issues highlights how the State House Small Business Committee is using YouTube to post its hearing testimony and question and answer sessions.