Subprime 6, 60…well, at least 13…


Glenn Reynolds notes that the Politico reports that Rep. Jeb Hensarling, R-Texas, called for a wider investigation than the one ongoing into the burgeoning Countrywide preferential loan scandal. Politico notes that, “no other Republican leader jumped on Hensarling’s bandwagon Monday, and aides said they were reluctant to push forward with a probe because they didn’t know what it might reveal,” prompting Reynolds to write, “That’s because it’ll probably turn out to be more like the subprime sixty” (as opposed to the six figures currently implicated).

Sadly, personal financial disclosure forms do not require members to disclose their home mortgages, however, if they have real estate loans for other properties, they do have to list them. You can find those Countrywide loans as of the end of 2006 at, right here. There are 13 loans listed under the liabilities section. No word, though, on how many of those loans are preferential, and again — there may be far more members whose home mortgages are with Countrywide Financial.