OpenCongress: New Features


The folks at OpenCongress, a Sunlight joint project with Participatory Politics Foundation, are making great strides at building the place to go to find the exact information about every bill, issue, person, and vote in Congress. They already run circles around any other site, including Thomas, the Library of Congress site, in terms of ease of use and content.

Earlier today, OpenCongress announced the addition of 13 new features (this team is amazingly prolific!) and a site redesign giving you more information about bills, their sponsors, and other ways for individuals to track their interests in Congress. Many of the changes and additions came from your ideas. We’re really trying to respond too how you want to use the site. Some of the new features OpenCongress is most excited about are the ones involving input from users, such as the rating of the “most useful” news articles, blog posts, and user comments. The idea is for users to help “filter up” the best information on the Web about what Congress is up to.

Be sure to check it out.