Web Townhall Meeting


Rep. John Culberson announced an Web town meeting, next Thursday at 8.30 PM, via twitter. Here’s the tweet:

johnculberson First, an eblast on Tuesday to over 130,000 constituents to announce time of internet/telephone townhall mtg: Thurs June 26 7 to 8:30pm cst about 6 hours ago from web

Also ann on Twitter etc that anyone can log onto my federal website www.culberson.house.gov at 7pm cst and watch and listen and ask Qs

Congress is in session through Friday. I will be in my Wash office where I will turn on my PC webcam & my Nokia 95 video phone at 7:55pm est

Next Thurs night I will conduct a unique Internet townhall meeting. Here’s how I will weave the tech together for a real time townhall mtg

At 8pm est a new software program will begin dialing up to 100,000 households in District 7 w my prerecorded message inviting them to join a live telephone townhall meeting wher they can listen into a giant conference call w me and ask Qs if they wish.

I don’t think this has been done before so it will be fun & I may have glitches but here’s how people can participate in the townhall mtg:

Phone: listening or asking me a Q; my fed website: live video, Qs by text on site; Qik: live video, Qs by text on Qik (Nokia 95) & Twitter

So this will be a live Congressional Townhall meeting from Washington by telephone, internet, video, chat, Qik, (perhaps Ustream), & Twitter

This is especially appealing to me as a fiscal conservative – I can talk to over 130,000 constituents in real time for minimal cost

I love the 21st Century!