Personal Democracy Forum in NY


Sunlight’s blogging will likely be light the early part of this week. Many of us are attending the Personal Democracy Forum annual conference in NY. This is one of the key conferences that addresses the world that is the focus of our attention — the intersection of new technology and politics, particularly technology’s impact on governance. This year the entire second day is focusing on just that. We’ll pull together the best of our insights and post them periodically as we are all twittering.

Join us if you are in New York.  You can observe many of the sessions, including Sunlight’s press conference, live on the main site of TechPresident.

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  • I could go on, but you get the idea. Now I thought I would highlight two people who have massively outperformed the herd by having the brains to see what is going on and the balls to do something about it. The first is Bobby Kotick at Activision.

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