Test Your Political IQ with PoliQuiz


In celebration of Independence Day, we bring to you PoliQuiz, a new interactive political trivia game that provides a fun way for you to test your knowledge about their elected officials and the legislative process.

To create PoliQuiz, we worked with Publi.us, the team who created the popular Fantasy Congress game. Since we have a reputation for creating serious Web tools to facilitate investigative research by citizen activists, reporters, bloggers and other data geeks, we designed PoliQuiz as a more light-hearted way for you to learn more about Congress. We hope to appeal to the patriotic spirit of political junkies and novices alike, and also encourage teachers to use PoliQuiz as an entertaining way to teach about Congress.

PoliQuiz challenges players to answer multiple-choice questions about lawmakers’ identities and party affiliations; basic congressional procedures; historical government information and more. When players incorrectly answer questions, PoliQuiz directs them to different resources, including OpenCongress.org and Congresspedia.org, so they can learn more. The game also provides tidbits about lawmakers to augment players’ knowledge. Players can also submit their own questions.

PoliQuiz is not just a quiz on a Web site, it is also a widget that you can grab and play on your blog, Facebook page or Web site. The PoliQuiz widget also lets you create teams to play against other blogs and Web sites. Show your patriotic spirit by playing today … and see if you can beat the top score!