Tweet On Dear Friends Tweet On


Wednesday night, we launched Let Our Congress Tweet so citizens could voice their demand that Congress should be allowed to freely connect to us on the Internet, even on sites that don’t end in .gov

How would people respond?  Can Twitter really be used to influence lawmakers?  Well let’s just say that tweets can get pretty loud! As of right now, we have almost 400 tweets and great support in the blogosphere, including a great plug on the Twitter blog.  Mark at does a great job summarizing how this controversy got started and why it is important.  However, Tim O’Brien at O’Reilly said it best “This is much larger than just letting Congress Twitter, this is about letting social networks help to evolve the very concept of governance.”

This is not nearly the end, fair friends.  We are on a roll with new tweets all the time and even more members of Congress using the medium.  I think the comment from Mr. Christopher Glenn sums it up “…I wasn’t even aware who my representative in the House was, and now I’ve got a direct line to a real live human being that’s representing me in government, so I can let him know if I disagree with him, and why, and he can fill us in on what he’s voting for, what’s going on in Washington and heck, what he had for lunch if he likes. And that’s awesome.”

Yes, Chris, it is awesome.  So keep on tweeting and tell all your friends to join the movement!