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Every week I climb into the depths of the local political blogosphere to find the Sunlight. I use this series to highlight local blogs that do a great job of covering local, state, and Congressional political news. This week I have highlights from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Texas.

In Ohio, Writes Like She Talks highlights the House Education and Labor’s Committee’s new blog the EdLabor Journal.

In Pennsylvania, PolicyBlog and Keystone Politics points out Pennsylvania’s new state contracts database. Rhode Island’s Twelfth talks about the Governor’s veto of a bill that would have broadened the open records laws in Rhode Island. She also describes the procedure to get local records in Middletown and Newport, RI. Apparently in Middletown, the “Council has knowledge and access to ANY public records that you requested & would know that you requested it.” It seems Rhode Island has a lot of work to do in the open records realm.

South Texas Chisme talks about a Californian man who is filing ethics complaints with Texas ethics commission because he has been going through campaign finance reports.

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  • Jill,

    No thank you for what you’re doing! I enjoy your blog and appreciate the resource that you created. Keep up the good work.

    And please feel free to contact me at any time.

    Nisha Thompson

  • Thank you very much for noticing what even us tiniest of the tiny try to do, and, selfishly, because I’m addicted to info resources and in education in particular, but also because women are involved in that particular tech endeavor and that’s how I heard about it – through a listserv with women in technology.

    The Sunlight Foundation is an amazing tool (toolbox I should say!) and if nothing else, I hope blogs can help other people learn that such resources exist for everyone.