Lack of residential disclosure a problem for another member of Congress


Another reason why we need members of Congress to disclose information on their residences:

Rep. Robert Wexler is renting a home in his congressional district to quell criticism that his main residence is in the Washington suburbs.

Wexler said in a statement Tuesday that he knew some constituents were concerned after he said last week he hadn’t had a South Florida home in 11 years. Wexler, his wife and three children have a home in Potomac, Md. Wexler uses his in-laws’ house in a Florida retirement community to meet residency requirements.

Not quite as dramatic as the Stevens case, perhaps (incidentally, I suspect Stevens’ defense will revolve around denials that he “knowingly” provided false information), but still another reason we need better congressional disclosure. notes a new House bill that would require disclosure of information on homes and mortgages.