#dontgo – to Disney World?


Invitation, page 2

As chairman of the House Republican Conference, Rep. Adam Putnam has been busy with the #dontgo protest, in which angry House Republicans have stayed at the Capitol building during August recess, calling on Rep. Nancy Pelosi to schedule a vote on their energy plan that would seek an end to the long-standing moratorium on off shore drilling.

Does that mean Putnam “won’t go” to his scheduled fundraiser in Walt Disney World this weekend?

We have in our possession an invitation to said fundraiser, billed as a “weekend at the Walt Disney Resort,” specifically at the Polynesian Resort, proceeds to benefit “Putnam for Congress.” There’s also a special guest, fellow Republican Florida Rep. Ander Crenshaw. The invitation came to us as part of our preparation for launching Party Time, a new Sunlight project, which will make its debut in the next couple of weeks. (Stay tuned for an announcement soon.)

“We only have 15 rooms, so it’s going to be a small event,” says the email accompanying the invitation.

Putnam isn’t exactly hurting for cash in his reelection bid. He has raised $1.4 million to his opponent’s $50,000. Over the course of his Congressional career, he’s taken about $70,000 from the oil and gas industry.

Supporting off-shore drilling is a new thing for Floridians, where in the past Democrats and Republicans alike have opposed the idea for fear it would hurt tourism. Recently Gov. Charlie Crist, one of many reputed to be on Sen. John McCain’s list for a possible vice presidential pick, reversed his long-standing support for the federal moratorium on offshore drilling.

We don’t know if any oil and gas lobbyists rsvp’ed for Putnam’s Walt Disney getaway, or if the #dontgo protest will end in time for him to catch a plane to Polynesia in Florida. It seems like a good question for his constituents to ask.