Earmarks and Politics


Earmarks have become a key issue in the August 26 GOP primary for Alaska’s lone U.S. House seat. Little wonder, considering the incumbent is Don Young of Coconut Road fame.  Tuesday, the local Chamber of Commerce held a forum for congressional candidates where Sean Parnell, Alaska’s lieutenant governor and a challenger to Young for the nomination, called for a cleanup of the earmark process via transparency and openness. The Club for Growth, one of the most effective keepers of the low tax and small government orthodoxy within the GOP, has endorsed Parnell. Not only that, they’re spending $350,000 to air throughout the state a powerful ad highlighting the Coconut Road earmark and calling Young “just another Washington politician.”  In 11 days Alaska Republicans will decide whether to continue or end the career of one of the top champions of the under-the-table earmark process. I wonder whether we will see more examples of this cropping up.

Hat tip: Change Congress