Casino Jack


TPMtv has an interview up with Oscar winning director Alex Gibney about his new documentary “Casino Jack and the United States of Money,” which was sponsored by The movie documents the exploits of Jack Abramoff and the free flow of money around Capitol Hill. “Casino Jack” won’t be out until 2009:

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In other Abramoff-related news, Rep. Henry Waxman held a press call today to discuss new McCain fundraiser Ralph Reed’s involvement in Abramoff’s “Gimme Five” schemes. Despite a trail of e-mail’s showing Reed’s knowledge of the nature of Abramoff’s lobbying game Reed continues to claim ignorance of the illegalities and double-crossing of Indian tribes . Waxman used his press call to remind everyone of the e-mails and of Reed’s culpability. You can read a summary of the call at Majikthise.