Convention Goodie Bags


You’re going to Denver for the Democratic convention and you think to yourself, “What will I need to survive this week?”

Think no further, you’ve probably been alerted in your e-mail by the American Coaltion for Clean Coal Energy that they have a “Convention Survival Kit” waiting for you. According to ACCCE, the kit contains: a travel pillow, snack bar, breath mints, collapsable water bottle, luggage tag, and much more! But wait, what’s the most important thing you’ll need to survive convention week:

“The most important item you’ll find in your kit is our contact information during the convention. We’d love to speak with you about the benefits of coal-based electricity to a sound energy platform.”

Awesome. When you’re waiting in line for Obama’s Invesco acceptance speech you can call up a lobbyist and talk about coal-based electricity.

(Of course, the convention is packed with elected officials from across the country. They’re easier to strike when herded into one place.)