Inside DNC08 via Party Time


Be sure to check out Party Time, Sunlight’s project to track parties thrown at the 2008 Democratic and Republican National Conventions as well as fund raising activities by all lawmakers running for Congress that happen all year round in Washington, D.C. and beyond. By accessing the site, you can find out where the parties are, view the array of invitations that go to lobbyists, Political Action Committee (PAC) representatives and others around Washington, D.C. and beyond. You can see who is hosting these parties, how much money it costs to go, where and when the party is and what people are going to be doing there.

Nancy Watzman, Party Time’s director, is streaming live Qik videos where she will record the action as she attempts to crash some of the parties, including the Blue Dog’s invite-only party hosted by AT&T. (Pardon our initial technical difficulties…You’ll notice we are providing a different angle on the conventions.) You can also follow her Twitter feed, where she is reposting her videos. By accessing delicious, you can follow all of Party Time’s mentions in the media. You can also follow New Media coverage of the convention at the Big Tent site, named after the literal big tent where you’ll find Gabriela Schneider, Sunlight’s communications director, assisting bloggers and other journalists cover the parties.