Washington Post: Biden’s Son Lobbied Obama’s Staff for Earmarks


The Washington Post reports that Barack Obama, the Democratic nominee for President, requested $3.4 million in congressional earmarks for clients of the lobbying firm that employs the son of running mate Joe Biden. Hunter Biden, who’s a registered lobbyist (see here and here for his clients), apparently lobbied Obama’s Senate office directly:

Campaign spokesman David Wade also said Hunter Biden never appealed directly to Obama.

“Hunter Biden met with the Obama Senate office, not with Senator Obama,” Wade said.

Read the whole thing. An aside: Nice to see the Washington Post use information from both Taxpayers for Common Sense (anyone can use it — see their handy downloadable lists of 2009 earmarks here) and the Center for Responsive Politics (to see how much Sen. Joe Biden has taken in from lawyers and lobbyists over the course of his career, click ; to see the same information for Republican presidential nominee John McCain, click here).