In Broad Daylight: Put Your Hands Up 4 Detroit

  • The Detroit Big Three are seeking $50 billion in government loans. Their big lobbying push begins as Congress comes back in session this week. The Wall Street Journal looks at the lobbying numbers. This gives a whole new meaning to “Put Your Hands Up For Detroit.”
  • As if Sen. Ted Stevens needed any more trouble. Roll Call reveals that a lobbying firm specializing in procuring earmarks for defense companies hired someone to handle fundraising and money management for Sen. Stevens’ PAC when Stevens was chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee. Of course, the lobbying firm’s receipts increased by 400%, moving from $1 million annually in 2002 to $4 million in 2007.
  • Presidential hopeful John McCain is pulling in corporate executive contributions at a steady pace after trailing in the CEO money race to his Democratic opponent, Barack Obama.