Full Ring Indictment


The full indictment of lobbyist Kevin Ring is available here part 1, part 2 (via Letter of Apology).

As I pointed out in the previous blog post on Ring’s indictment, the labeled congressmen, Representative 4 and Representative 5, are former Rep. Ernie Istook and Rep. John Doolittle, respectively. The indictment clearly alleges that these two lawmakers willfully and knowingly accepted gifts and travel from Ring and Abramoff in exchange for favors, including the insertion of earmarks for the lobbyists’ clients. Doolittle is even alleged to have said that he felt like a “subsidiary” of Ring and Abramoff’s lobbying firm.

Ring was arrested yesterday and entered a plea of not guilty. The inevitable trial of Ring will likely delay further action against Istook and Doolittle, who, if the indictment is proven accurate are in a whole host of trouble. Ring was cooperating with the government in the investigation until he refused to plead guilty.

For all the gory details in the indictment, check out this ABC News piece.