Mr. Schneider Goes to Washington


Looking for something to do this weekend? An offbeat filmmaker has focused on Washington’s money chase, and is making his documentary available for viewing on YouTube for two weeks starting tomorrow evening.

Until 2004, Jonathan Neil Schneider was pursuing an acting career and had a gig as a producer for America’s Next Top Model. He then happened to catch an episode of 60 Minutes where Mike Wallace interviewed U.S. Sen. Fritz Hollings as the venerable Palmetto State pol was departing Congress after 38 years.  In the interview, Hollings told how money and the access it buys in Washington was perverting our democracy. The interview motivated Schneider to drop his career and spend the next two years making a documentary about the influence of money on politics. He interviewed lobbyists, members of Congress, and critics of the campaign finance system (including some Sunlight friends) to produce Mr. Schneider Goes to Washington.

Since finishing the film, Schneider has been screening it on college campuses, film festivals and activists events throughout the country. He is now partnering with YouTube to make his documentary more widely viewable to the public. Starting tomorrow (Friday), September 12th, at 9:00 p.m. (EST) it can be seen at: It will be available for viewing on YouTube for two weeks.

Check it out.