S. 223 Keeps Getting Support


Like the Little Engine that Could, Senate Bill 223, the Campaign Disclosure Parity Act, keeps chugging along against some pretty intense opposition. In August we launched Pass223.com to build support and find out which senators are willing to officially support the bill and to go on the record to oppose John Ensign’s poison pill amendment. Our persistence has created two new cosponsors Sens. Chuck Schumer and Daniel Akaka.

Keep calling your senators and asking them to cosponsor S 223 and oppose the Ensign amendment we need to demand that the Senate stop dragging their feet on this bill. I think we can get this little bill to the top of Capitol Hill.

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  • Rian,

    It is incredibly frustrating dealing with a Senator that doesn’t seem to listen to you. However, it is important they you keep calling and letting the staff person know about this issue and how important it is to you. Your efforts have already made sure Sen Smith knows this bill is important to his constituents.

    Keep up the good work!


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  • Rian

    Sen. Gordon Smith [R-OR] has been contacted at least fifteen times but he still does not have a basic understanding of the bill much less a position.

    Based on my correspondence his office appears to (mis)understand that S.223 is about shortening the filing time to 1-day instead of 2-days.

    This particular senator is currently running in a hotly contested Congressional campaign and appears to not care much about anything but maintaining his seat in the Senate.

    Very frustrating.

  • Snowflake Seven

    The Pass223.com website does not list a method of contacting the web developers maintaining the site. So if you could please pass my request along, it would be greatly appreciated.

    The call log does not support paragraphs nor markup which makes it very difficult read longer log entries or those where markup was included.

    If you could please make this minor adjustment.

    Thank you.