You Can Markup the Bills on the Mortgage Industry Bail Out


Congress is moving rapidly to enact a gigantic taxpayer bailout of the financial sector, with a potential cost of $700 billion or more than $2,000 per American citizen. We believe, as Justice Brandeis said, that “Sunlight is the best of disinfectants,” and that all legislation ought to be open to public comment and consideration in real-time, not just after the fact.

So, as a public service, Sunlight is posting the proposals that are receiving the most attention by Congress and the Administration – and by you, the people. We invite you to review the bills and share your feedback. Just as you helped us write our model transparency bill you can share your knowledge online and show Congress what you really want to see in this vital legislation.

As we ponder the significance of the Internet this One Web Day, what better way to show how we can use this awesome medium for positive change by ending secret legislation in Washington?

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  • We’re generating a lot of publicity – and capturing the attention of bloggers across the country and mainstream media reporters. No doubt lawmakers pay attention to whatever the media pays attention to. We also meet regularly with congressional staff, and have actively promoted the citizen feedback we’ve received on PublicMarkup on our model transparency bill, so there should already be recognition of the site and the way citizens are using it to comment on proposed legislation. I encourage you to call your members of Congress to tell them your concerns and how you have posted them online on

  • DK

    I’m just discovering the Sunlight Foundation. I like what I see so far, but I’m curious where our comments about these proposals go?

    Many of the comments (particularly on Dodd’s proposal) are very good, but what exactly is the mechanism by which these public comments are assessed by actual People Who Matter?

  • This is a very good idea, I have made my comments regarding Paulson’s and Dodd’s proposals regarding Wall St.’s bailout request, and hope that you get the cooperation and eyeballs of our representatives in Washington DC. I’m sure you will eventually, I’ll keep spreading your url around!