Hal Rogers’ Yearly Earmarks


In the House Defense spending bill released last night, Rep. Hal Rogers, R-Ky., sponsored an earmark worth $2 million for U-60 Leak Proof Transmission Dip Pans, an earmark he has backed for four years now. In the past this earmark has been awarded to Phoenix Products, Inc., a small company in McKee, Ky.

As Real Time reported last year, although this company has received more than $10.4 million in earmarks from Rogers, Army officials said at the time, that they have yet to decide if the transmission drip pans should be purchased from the company at all. As in previous years, employees and owners of the company have contributed to Roger’s leadership political action committee in 2008 and have retained the same lobbying firm, Martin, Fisher, Thompson & Associates, to lobby on defense appropriations.