See Who’s Wining and Dining the House Finance Committee


You already know that the very same lawmakers who are deciding the fate of the financial bailout receive campaign cash from the industries they regulate. But did you know lobbyists in the financial sector have thrown more than 250 parties this year alone for members of the House Financial Services Committee, one of the committees making the decisions about this legislation?

On our Party Time site, Nancy Watzman guides you through a smorgasbord of sushi dinners, beer tastings, happy hours, football outings and more.

It’s almost impossible to get this information, because there is no official requirement that these party invitations be reported to the public. Though that doesn’t stop us from finding and posting these invitations for you to dig through. (With thanks to all of you who have anonymously submitted your party invitations.)

Stay tuned to learn who’s throwing parties for members of the Senate Banking Committee. Oh, and if you have any invitations you want to share, please send them here.