Urge Congress to Read the Bill First, Part 2


Read The Bill FirstThe unexpected failure of the bailout proposal has given lawmakers and citizens a second chance to understand the details of this sweeping legislation.

You can join the Sunlight Foundation in renewing our call for all legislation to have at least 72 hours online before a vote. Without this minimal public exposure, how can lawmakers and their staff really understand legislation? What hope do citizens have of being truly represented if they can only read bills shortly before passage (or failure, as the case may be)?

We have refined our petition in light of this new opportunity for mindful consideration of the bailout legislation. To sign up, tweet to your friends, or read more details, check out our petition, or read our press release.

Congress responds to public pressure, and posting bills before votes is just common sense. Tell Congress to Read the Bill First! Sign our petition, and check out the latest versions of the bill at PublicMarkup.org.

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  • Matt Gomolchak

    Not only should they be reading these bills before voting, they really ought to be trying to make their bills straightforward. That’s one of the biggest problems I see in government. Rather than sponsor something, they tack it onto another bit of legislation that is completely unrelated. This really needs to stop.

  • Bruce Purdy

    For sure, Rodger.
    The Senators and Congressmen/women have not had nearly enough time to read it themselves yet. How can they sign the bill before they read it, and say they are representing We The People??

  • Rodger Slininger

    we the taxpayers who have elected officials to represent us should allow us the taxpayer to review the bill before it can be voted on.